Seya Tour

Discover the Jorasse chairlift and its breathtaking view of the majestic Muverans and Dent Favre, a unique opportunity to start your adventure to the summit. Follow the winding path through elegant larches towards Petit Pré d'Euloi. Here, the slope becomes steeper, and an abundance and variety of flora accompanies you all the way to the spectacular Croix de la Seya, the highest point of this hike at 2,182 metres above sea level.

From the summit, a 360° panorama opens up, revealing Ovronnaz at your feet, followed by Leytron and the vast Rhône plain. Here, you can admire the splendor of thirty-five peaks over 4,000 meters in altitude, from the imposing Finsteraarhorn to the glittering snow-domed Mont-Blanc. Don't miss the chance to explore this landscape with your binoculars and cameras to capture these unforgettable moments.

The route offers two options: the shorter route takes you back to Jorasse along the same path as the outward journey. For those seeking a greater challenge and a complete experience, the trail continues south along an open ridge leading to Grand'Garde. Here, you'll be captivated by the endless views from summit to summit and the chance to admire the winding course of the Rhône, perhaps trying to identify towns and villages in the distance. The signposted trail then takes you through the alpine pastures of Quieu and Odonne, eventually leading you to Ovronnaz.

For visitors wishing to shorten the walk, an option is available: after La Gouille, located between La Seya and Grand'Garde, take the Quieu alp for a more direct return.

Access to the Tour via the Jorasse chairlift.

Car park at the start of the chairlift.

Catering: Jorasse mountain restaurant.




3h10 (no break)



8.10 km


Medium / T2


Height difference

+392 m / -957 m


Minimum altitude

1384 m


Maximum altitude

2192 m

Starting point

Jorasse arrival of the chairlift

Point of arrival



June to October depending on snow conditions

Did you know ?

The Tour de la Seya follows the charming "Mille Fleurs" botanical trail. With five educational books, identification panels and an interactive quiz, you can observe and recognise a sub-alpine flora rich in over 200 species, including the Alpine gentian and the narcissus-flowered anemone.

At the summit of La Seya stands the iron cross "À Camille", donated by the parish. Measuring 8 metres high and weighing 1,640 kg, it is a veritable icon.