Follow a picturesque path through green alpine meadows and scree slopes. As the slope gently increases through wooded pastures, a spectacular panorama unfolds. The peaks of Haut de Cry, Grand Muveran, Petit Muveran, Pointe d’Aufalle, and Dent Favre form an impressive rocky circus. You'll also catch a glimpse of Ovronnaz station below.

Continuing on your journey, you'll reach Pré de Bougnonne, a vast grassy plateau nestled between Six Noir and Six Armaille. Following the trail towards Col de la Forcle, you'll pass between the peaks of Six Armaille and Châtillon. You'll have a breathtaking view of the Euloi basin stretching towards Fenestral. The majestic Tita Seri will be your companion, overseeing your progress.

The panorama continues to awe as the Grand Chavalard, the realm of ibex, reigns over the wide valley. The trail pleasantly leads to the alpine chalets of Petit Pré, a key step in alpine farming alongside Bougnonne. Finally, a balcony path winding through larch trees will lead you back to your starting point, overlooking Ovronnaz.

Access by the chairlift Ovronnaz-Jorasse.

Parking at the chairlift.

Catering: mountain restaurant of Jorasse.




1h30 (no break)



3.40 km


Medium / T2


Height difference

+268 m / -268 m


Minimum altitude

1938 m


Maximum altitude

2166 m

Starting point

Jorasse arrival of the chairlift

Point of arrival

Jorasse arrival of the chairlift


June to October depending on snow conditions

Did you know ?

Exploring the Pré de Bougnonne offers you the chance to catch a glimpse of the remains of the former alpine chalet, once transformed into the "Refuge Dent Favre" by the Ovronnaz Ski Club in 1966. This refuge was swept away by an avalanche and was never rebuilt.

The term "Châtillon" refers to a small summit or a rounded ridge.

As you admire the Petit Muveran, you'll be struck by its distinctive shape. Seen from the Chablais, it stands like an elegant finger pointing towards the sky, adding a touch of mystery to the mountainous horizon.