Heritage & terroir

Discover Ovronnaz on a journey through time and vineyards

Our region is proud to offer you a variety of delights from our rich and generous terroir. Local producers are careful to preserve our culinary heritage, guaranteeing you fresh, tasty produce.

Whether you're with family, friends or just looking for a little taste indulgence, we invite you to explore the countless ways you can enjoy our delicious dishes. Take a seat in the shade of our traditional cellars, on the terrace of a typical bungalow or in a friendly grocery shop. Let yourself be seduced by our artisanal cured meats, authentic cheeses and seasonal fruit and vegetables, accompanied by a local vintage.

Come and enjoy a unique culinary experience, imbued with the soul of our region. Enjoy guaranteed authenticity and freshness for moments of pure gustatory pleasure. Book now and let your taste buds be enchanted by the flavours of our region!

Exceptional crus in the heart of our vineyards : Discover the Humagne Blanche from Leytron and more !

Explore our magnificent vineyards on foot or by bike and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our sun-drenched vines. Our region has a thousand promises to keep when it comes to exceptional wines.

Don't miss the chance to taste our speciality: Humagne Blanche de Leytron, an incomparable nectar that will delight your taste buds.

Experience unforgettable wine-tasting moments when you visit our cellars, wine-shops and oenotheques. Our passionate winegrowers will give you a warm welcome to discover their best vintages.

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of the past: Time travel in Ovronnaz

Discover the centuries-old traditions of our region, where the transhumance of flocks and the fighting of queens are memorable events that will transport you back in time. Authenticity awaits you, ready to give you a warm welcome.

During the summer, the Odonne mountain pasture opens its doors to the herds for summer grazing. Let yourself be enchanted by the production and sale of cheeses, in particular the famous Odonne sérac, directly on site.

Every year, the inalpes and désalpes give rise to major popular festivities in Ovronnaz. In June and September, the Odonne mountain pasture showcases its herds with fights between queens and a lively musical atmosphere. Come and share this traditional experience with us!

You can also take part in the Saint-Jean festival on 6 May, when the whole village and the surrounding area come together for an unforgettable time of conviviality.

Immerse yourself in the linguistic atmosphere of the 19th century thanks to the patois society "Li Brindèyeü dè Laïtron", made up of around twenty active members dedicated to preserving the patois and heritage of Leytron through various folklore, singing and patois activities.

Let yourself be enchanted by the authenticity and charm of our centuries-old traditions. A unique experience awaits you, with festivities, culinary discoveries and timeless emotions.