Loretta Gun Live in Vieux-Valais

Loretta Gun, originally from Fribourg, skillfully blends Blues and Rock'n Roll while incorporating nuances of Country. This unique combination gives rise to a retro atmosphere in a modern setting. Come and discover their musical universe starting from 9:30 PM at The AfterSky

Loretta Gun Live in Vieux-Valais

The AfterSky – Vieux-valais in Ovronnaz invites you to a concert at their venue.

Catch Loretta Gun on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at 1 Route de l’Ardevaz in Ovronnaz for a Rock’n Roll concert that will make you groove starting at 9:30 PM. Free entry.

Loretta Gun, hailing from Fribourg, offers a unique blend of Blues and Rock’n Roll, sprinkled with a subtle touch of Country. This fusion creates a retro atmosphere in a contemporary context. Loretta Gun’s captivating rhythms, accompanied by her guitar, oscillate between festivity and melancholy, perfectly harmonizing with the theme of her melodies.

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