Routes for strollers - Bellevue

Start your adventure downhill from the Tourist Office, taking the Rue du Pré de l'Oncle to reach the serene banks of the Salentse. Once you reach the 2nd bridge, follow the Chou/Tsou carriage road for around 100 metres. Then head down the Chemin du Favouay towards Ténèvre. There, take a turn onto the ruelle du Vieux Morthey.

At the Vieux-Valais crossroads, head back up towards Les Bains to reach the charming Chemin de Bellevue, which rewards you with a panoramic view of the Ardève. As you pass through Les Mayens-de-Chamoson, continue on to the hamlet of Patiers, before returning to Tourbillon along a forest path.

To round off this wonderful excursion, return to the resort along the tarmac road.




2h (no break)



6.40 km


Easy / T1


Height difference

+249 m / -247 m


Minimum altitude

1230 m


Maximum altitude

1418 m

Starting point

Tourist office

Point of arrival

Tourist office


April to November depending on snow conditions

Did you know ?

The region that encircles the Ardève from the north, from Chamoson to Ovronnaz, is characterised by strata of clay schist that form unstable soils, responsible for landslides.

The term "Mayen" refers to pastures used in spring, May and autumn. Its origin is linked to the month of May.

For cross-country skiing enthusiasts, the Grande and Petite Corniche routes offer exceptional winter opportunities.