Semi-precious stone bracelet

Use lithotherapy to create a personalised bracelet that will become your good luck charm.

Semi-precious stone bracelet

Semi-precious stone bracelet

Create your own personalised bracelet that will become your good luck charm using lithotherapy.

Lithotherapy can be used with children to promote their mental, emotional and physical well-being in a natural and caring way. It supports the child’s emotions, and provides reinforcement during periods that can be emotionally trying. She is an unparalleled tool for supporting and helping our children to grow up in a healthy and balanced way.

Come and recharge your batteries with Cindy!

Fridays 29.12 / 5.01 / 16.02 / 5.04 / 12.04 from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Meet at the tourist office

For children aged 4 to 15

CHF 25 – Free with the Activity PASS for guests, R2s and residents

Registration required by 4pm the day before, places limited

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