Creations of Pagaille und Malice
Monday – 2 pm

Are you any good at handcrafting? Creates
some objects on the topic of cows. Collect
some material around the Salentse river.

Botanical trail
Tuesday – 9 am

Accompanied by our guide, the botanical trail
“Mille Fleurs” let you observe more than 200 species
and admire the Alpine summits.

Workshop at the Book’s Town
Tuesday – 10 am

Immerse yourself in the world of books during this workshop where you will have the chance to
make your own paper and learn calligraphy.
Take your creations home with you!



Circus Workshop
Tuesday – 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm

Children discover acts of juggling, acrobatics
and balance. Helvetia circus is supervising
this activity.

Discovery of the wines
Tuesday – 5 pm

Our winegrowers open their doors for you!

Wednesday – 9 am

Yoga under the larches is back.
Try this activity at 1940 m high!



Bugs and compagny
Wednesday – 2 pm

Discover the tiny world around us with a biologist.
Mushrooms, wasps, bees, ants, butterflies, mosses
and lichens, know everything about them all!

Classical concert
Wednesday – 20h

Musical evening

Snacks of Pagaille and Malice
Thursday – 15 pm

Cook a meal on a wood fire around Ovronnaz.
Bananas, mushrooms, bread, soup, saussage;
just taste them!



Guided tour of the Roman church
Thursday – 4 pm

Take part in a guided tour to discover this historical monument from the Romanesque period as well as the history of the small village of St-Pierre-de-Clages.

Literary café
Thursday – 6.30 pm

Discover some authors from Wallis over a drink in various restaurants of St-Pierre-des-Clages.
In French

Summit hikes
Friday – 9 am

Now off for the tour with our hiking guide!



Stories and treasure hunt
Friday – 2 pm

Pagaille and Malice disappeared! With Crunchy the marmot,  try to find them!

Discovery of the wines
Friday – 5 pm

Our winegrowers open their doors for you!

Let’s play together
Saturday – 2 pm

Get to enjoy various board games for young and old.