A journey back in time

Get back in touch with the hundred-year-old traditions that are the transhumance of the herds or the memorable fights of queens. Authenticity is within your reach.

In summer the high mountain pasture of Odonne welcomes the herds for pasturing. Some cheese, as well as the famous serac of Odonne are made and sold on the spot. Every year, the “inalpe” and the “désalpe” are the opportunity of big popular festivities in Ovronnaz. In June and in September, the herds of Odonne are for the honor: fights of queens, musical atmosphere with horns of the Alps, typical catering, etc.

At the heart of the village of Montagnon, you can discover the fournace and its history. In Saint John on 6 May, the Bread Party gathers all the village and his surroundings for unforgettable moments of conviviality.

The club of dialect Li Brindèyeü dè Laïtron accounts 25 active members who are in charge of the protection of the dialect and the heritage of Leytron, by diverse folk activities, songs and texts