From the Rhône to the top of the steep Haut de Cry mountain range, the commune of Chamoson spreads over 3 750 hectares of orchards, vineyards, pastures and rocks. The commune encompasses 6 villages and hamlets: Saint-Pierre-de-Clages, Chamoson, Grugnay, Les Vérines, Némiaz, Les Mayens-de-Chamoson. Along the Rhone, “les Îles” are home to countless vegetable and fruit crops. This region is located in the lower part of the huge alluvial fan formed by the Losentse River.

A little further uphill, at the foot of the vineyards, you can distinguish the small village of St-Pierre-de-Clages, famous for its church. The Roman edifice is a unique piece in Switzerland and gives this picturesque village a truly special character. Throughout the year, the booksellers of St-Pierre-de-Clages, hailed as the “Swiss Book Town”, share their passion for books with you.


With its 427 ha of vineyards, Chamoson is the largest wine-growing commune in the canton of Valais. Renowned for its Johannisberg, it boasts other delicious wines, such as Fendant, Petite Arvine, Pinot Noir, Humagne rouge, Cornalin and Syrah, among others.

From renowned restaurants to tapas bars, from cheese fondue to Mediterranean cuisine, the 22 restaurants of Chamoson select the perfect wines to match their tasty specialities!