Sports lovers will find in Ovronnaz and around multiple chances to exert themselves
and thrill-seekers will also be seduced!

It is possible to play tennis in our village and surroundings.

  • Ovronnaz court, below La Promenade restaurant
  • Chamoson courts, 20 minutes by car from Ovronnaz
  • Booking with the tourist office in Ovronnaz
  • CHF 20.-/hour
  • Grab your own equipment

Through forests and pastures, enjoy a unique mountain biking experience on 50 km of recommended trails. Thrills are guaranteed, whatever your ability level. Mountain biking is possible on at least 1.20 metre-wide walking trails. Priority is given to pedestrians.

  • Ovronnaz – Randonnaz – Chiboz : easy ride, flat, by the carriageway
  • Ovronnaz – Tour de la Corniche : easy ride, elevation gain of 280 m, forest trail
  • Ovronnaz – Loutze – Chamosentze : challenging ride, elevation gain of 600 m, municipal and forest road
  • Ovronnaz – Saillon : very challenging ride, elevation gain of 800 m, forest trail
  • Ovronnaz – Odonne – Bougnonne – Col de la Forcle – Petit Pré – Retour en station : challenging ride, elevation gain of 900 m, forest trail
  • Ovronnaz – Tsantonnaire : very challenging ride, elevation gain of 1000 m, forest road

For further information, get the Mountainbike Map Martigny 1:50’000

In Ovronnaz and surroundings you will find several climbing rock faces.
Harness up and climb to the top of the finest mountains in the area!

  • “Lui d’Août” area 1957 m
  • “La Tête” area 2168 m
  • “L’Etra” area 1660 m
  • Grand Muveran 3051 m : 4a-6b, 15 routes, access from Rambert cabin
  • Arête de Saille 2427 m : 4a-6a, dry rock equipped with bolts, access from Plan Salentze
  • Ardève 1474 m : 6a-7c, north face, access from the road of Les Mayens-de-Chamoson
  • Haut-de-Cry 2969 m : 5c-7b, long routes « Les Ancilllons », access from the road of Némiaz
  • Randonnaz 1393 m : 5c-7b, routes for all levels, access from the road of Chiboz
  • Cabane de Demècre 2361 m : 3c-5b, routes, also for children, next to the cabin

To practise climbing in all seasons, come and test Vertic’Halle in Saxon:
the biggest and highest indoor climbing wall in French-speaking Switzerland.

More than 120 walls for beginner through advanced levels are available!


It has been the first via ferrata to connect the plain to the mountain in Valais. The route is approximately 1 kilometre long, with an elevation gain of 330 meters, and requires a 2 to 3 hours’ effort. Increasing in difficulty, the via is suitable for a large number of climbing enthusiasts: the first part, fun and family-oriented, is graded AD+ while the second part, which is more aerial, impressive and physically challenging is graded D+. A third part, graded TD+, requires excellent physical shape.

Practical information

  • Altitude departure : 540m
  • Altitude arrival : 870m
  • Elevation gain : 330m
  • Cabled distance : approx. 1000m
  • Suspension bridge : 3
  • Cable ladders : 1
  • Handrails : approx.. 800 pieces
  • Pedals : approx. 100 pieces
  • Pédales : env. 200 pces

Equipment rental
AndréSPORTS, Ovronnaz

Cheseaux Gaylord

Alone or tandem glider, let discover our landscapes while driving along in the wind!

  • Departure from Loutze 1721 m
  • Departure from Tsantonnaire 2500 m
  • Landing in Leytron 485 m

Philippe Carruzzo

A wood-chip trail (653m x 1m25) is available above the Centre Sportif Cantonal.
You can reach it from the top of the building’s car park.

piste finlandaise pour la course à pied autour du centre sportifCentre sportif

The mythical Ovronnaz-Rambert brings the mountain race lovers together every year.
Even a race for children allows the youngest to take part of this challenge.