balade famille à travers le village. Chemin facile dans la forêt idéal pour poussettes et petits enfants
balade familiale le long de la Corniche. Sur le sentier des légendes

 Chemin 2 : La Corniche

Leave the Tourist Office and follow the paved road towards the Jorasse chairlift. On the right, a dirt track, the Petite Corniche, takes you through Lui Teise and on to Tourbillon. Then, take the Corniche supérieure. The forest path climbs through the woods as far as La Salentse and Plan Passé. Return to the paved road from Odonne, and follow it back to the resort.

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Did you know?

Morthey is Ovronnaz’s oldest district.
The shale formations that surround the Ardève to the north, from Chamoson to Ovronnaz, are unstable and can cause landslides.
Mayen: the mountain pasture is used for grazing during the spring, the month of May, and in autumn. The name comes from “May”
The Grande and Petite Corniche become cross-country skiing trails during the winter.

balade familiale en forêt sur la Corniche facile idéale pour les poussettes
Balade familiale sur la Corniche. Facile idéale pour les poussettes
départ du télésiège de Jorasse fin de la promenade des poussettes