Saille tour

From the moment you reach the summit via the Jorasse chairlift, a dirt track guides you effortlessly to the Bougnonne stables. This mountain pasture, owned by Leytron, was managed independently until 1963. Today, it is the second most important alpine pasture after Odonne. The gently sloping route takes you to the banks of the Salentse, an inescapable river which, by turns discreet and impetuous, shapes the life of Leytron and Ovronnaz.

The old stables of Saille can be seen below, then the path continues to climb towards the Rambert hut, as far as the Pierre à Vatserou. Sitting on this imposing stone, the chief shepherd once kept watch over his flock.

Leaving this path, you take a magnificent path along the hillside, winding between rocky bars and scree at the foot of the Pointe d'Aufalle ridge. Larches, alders, bilberries and wooded pastures then guide you towards Larzay and Chavanne Neuve, where an old coach house once stood on the Bougnonne mountain pasture. Your tour ends at the top of the Jorasse chairlift.

Access to the Tour via the Jorasse chairlift.

Car park at the start of the chairlift.

Catering: Jorasse mountain restaurant.




1h30 (no break)



4.40 km


Medium / T2


Height difference

+280 m / -280 m


Minimum altitude

1775 m


Maximum altitude

1988 m

Starting point

Jorasse arrival of the chairlift

Point of arrival

Jorasse arrival of the chairlift


June to October

Did you know ?

Built in 1940, the Saille mountain pasture was used for transhumance of livestock until 1972. However, this activity ceased due to measures to protect drinking water sources.

The breeze known as the "courant de la Saille", which is frequently felt in Ovronnaz, is a fresh breeze coming from the Muveran massif and following the course of the Salentse river.

The name "Saille" refers to a promontory. The names Saillon and Salentse share the same origin, illustrating their link with these geographical features.