A large number of marked hiking trails for all levels will take you to the heart of authentic, beautiful nature. Just choose your hike!

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Various starting places in the village


Access via the Ovronnaz-Jorasse chairlift

0:30 Tour de Jorasse (short)
1:00 Jorasse – Lui d’Août – Jorasse
1:20 Jorasse – Saille – Ovronnaz
1:30 Châtillon Tour
1:30 Saille Tour
2:00 Jorasse – The Seya – Jorasse
3:00 Tsantonnaire Tour
3:10 Seya Tour
3:30 Grand Château Tour
4:00 Dent of Morcles
5:30 Rambert Tour
5:30  Ovronnaz – Derborence
   6:00        Grand Chavalard Tour

Mountain huts

From Jorasse

0:30 Lui d’Août
2:00 Fenestral
2:30 Rambert
3:00 Sorniot
4:00 Demècre

The estimated hike duration is calculated for the average walker, with no breaks.

Official map : 1:25 000 Du Rhône aux Muverans (edition mpa), available at the Ovronnat tourist information office