For a drink, a meal or a night and
mainly for the alpine panorama!

5 cabins in Ovronnaz and
15 on the Tour des Muverans

Cabane Rambert

Cabane Rambert

Ovronnaz - 2580m

The hut was rebuilt in 1952 at the foot of the Grand Muveran. In 2015, it was totally renewed. From the terrace, you can enjoy spectacular views of most of the 4000 summits that form the Valais Alps, including Matterhorn, Combin, Mont Blanc and Dents du Midi. Ibexes will often keep you company!

Keeper on site: from mid-June to end of September, October depending on weather

  • 4 dormitories, 32 beds
  • light meals
  • Ø dogs

Ovronnaz-Jorasse-Plan Coppel, 2:30
Via Saille, 4:00
Via Chamosentze pastures, 4:00
From Pont-de-Nant, 5:00
Via Derborence, 5:30
Maïthé et Claude Hotz
+41(0)27/207.11.22 +41(0)79/580.95.39
Gîte de Lui d’Août

Gîte de Lui d’Août

Saillon - 1959m

The gîte de Lui d'Août is located above Ovronnaz, between La Seya and Grand Château summits. It welcomes both families taking their youngest child hiking for the first time and experienced hikers who are returning from the Grand Chavalard or walking the "Tour des Muverans". The area is beautiful and wild...

Keeper on site: 7/7 from mid-June to the end of October

  •  Dormitories, 36 places
  • Cuisine showcasing local products
  • Showers
  • Several climbing trails in the area

From Ovronnaz via Jorasse, 30 minutes
From L'Erié, 45 minutes
Ski-Club Saillon
c/o Fatima 
+41 (0)79/673.78.83
lui d'aout
Cabane du Fenestral

Cabane du Fenestral

Fully - 2453m

The hut is located at the mountain pass of the Col du Fenestral, between Ovronnaz and the heights of Fully. A popular stop-off on the “Tour des Muverans” and “Tour du Chavalard” hiking routes, it is also one of the starting points to climb the Grand Chavalard or reach the top of the Dents-de-Morcles summit.

Keeper on site: 7/7 from end of June to end of September. Every week-end from mid-June to end of October.

  • Summer: half-board, rooms and 34-bed dormitory (with furnitures)
  •  Winter: refectory and 1 dormitory open (no caretaker)
From Ovronnaz via Jorasse, 2:00
From L'Erié, 2:15
From Les Garettes, 2:30
From Champex d'Allesse, 4:30
Nathan Bender
+41(0)27/746.28.00 Contact-formular
Cabane de Demècre

Cabane de Demècre

Fully - 2361 m

The cabin is located at the pass of the Col du Demècre, above the lakes of Fully and the pasture of Sorniot. Voluntaries are always happy to welcome you in a warm and homely atmosphere.

Keeper on site: in July and August and at weekends in June, September and October.
  •  Dormitories, 24 places
From L'Erié, 2:10
From Les Garettes, 2:30
From Ovronnaz via Jorasse, 4:00
Didier Jacquemettaz
Cabane de Sorniot

Cabane de Sorniot

Fully - 2064m

Nestled in the vast natural cirque between the two lakes of Fully, the Cabane de Sorniot is on the doorstep of many walking trails such as the “tour du Portail”, the “Tour du Chavalard” and the “Tour des Muverans”, among others.

Keeper on site : End of June until the end of September and at weekends in May, June, late September and October
  •  Dormitories, 46 places
  •  Light meals
  •  Showers

From Erié, 1:15
From Les Garettes, 1:30
From Ovronnaz via Jorasse, 2:30
From Champex d'Allesse, 3:30
Ski-Club Chavalard
Chalet Neuf

Chalet Neuf

Collonges - 1850 m

The cabin is located  at the foot of the Dents-de-Morcles. Ancient cowhouse renewed by volunteers of Collonges, it's a little gem in a green setting
Keeper on site: weekends from the beginning of July to the end of September
  • Dormitory, 32 beds
  • No breakfast
  • No food
  • Possibility to cook

From l'Au d'Arbignon, 00:45
From Demècre, 00:50
From La Tourche, 2:15
Frédéric Chambovey
Booking manager
Chalet Neuf_map
Cabane de la Tourche

Cabane de la Tourche

Lavey - 2198m

The Cabane de la Tourche was entirely rebuilt in 2010-2011. The hut is a superb lookout point, overlooking the Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. Easy acces for family. Good starting place to climb the Dent de Morcles. Hunt menu on booking from mid-September.

Keeper on site: from mid-June to mid-October

  •  Dormitories, 54 places
  • Light meals
  •  Showers
From Morcles/Les Martinaux, 1:30
From Les Plans sur Bex, 4:30
Karine Moix +41(0)79/386.09.68
Auberge du Pont-de-Nant

Auberge du Pont-de-Nant

Bex - 1253m

A natural reserve, the Vallon de Nant is a great place to admire a multitude of plants. Hiking trails are numerous in the area, whether for a gentle 2-hour stroll or a several days’ hike. You can opt for the “Tour des Muverans”, the “Tour de l'Argentine” or the “Trou à l’ours” (3 to 4 hours).
Open throughout the year.

  •  Rooms and dormitories, 30 places
  • Food service
  • Showers

From Les Plans-sur-Bex

Sylvie & David Berger +41(0)24/498.14.95
pont de nant
Cabane de Plan-Névé

Cabane de Plan-Névé

Bex - 2262m

A new stopover on the “Tour des Muverans”, the hut is located in the Muverans mountain range, at an altitude of 2262 metres, at the foot of the Arête Vierge.
Keeper on site: from July to September and at weekends in June and early October.

  •  Dormitories, 29 places
  • Light meals

From Pont-de-Nant, 3:00

Pierre Savary +41(0)24/498.22.11 
  Plan neve_map
Refuge de la Vare

Refuge de la Vare

Bex - 1756m

Looking for a peaceful place to switch off from your everyday life? Then this mountain shelter is it! A relaxing place where parents can rest and children can have fun in complete freedom! 
Keeper on site: from June to September
  •  Dormitories and yurts
  • Food service

From Pont-de-Nant, 1:30

Gérald Bernard +41(0)24/498.15.92
la vare
Refuge Giacomini

Refuge Giacomini

Anzeindaz - 1893 m

Located in the Vaud Alps at the foot of the Diablerets mountains, the Giacomini (1'893 m) mountain shelter is set in one of the largest pastures in Switzerland.
Open from June to October.

  •  Rooms and dormitories
  • Food service
  • Showers

From Solalex, 1:00
From Derborence, 2:00
From Pont-de-Nant, 3:00
Rodolphe Muller +41(0)24/498.22.95
Refuge de la Tour

Refuge de la Tour

Anzeidaz - 1880 m

The Refuge de la Tour was built at the beginning of the 1900s. It is located at the start of the Anzeindaz plateau, one of the largest pastures in Switzerland and the largest in the canton of Vaud, which spreads over approximately 1000 hectares. It is home to herds of cows, goats, sheep and horses; a paradise for children. The local fauna and flora are also extremely varied and rich.
Open from June to mid-October
  • Rooms and dormitories
  • Food service
  • Showers

From Solalex, 1:00
From Derborence, 2:00
From Pont-de-Nant, 3:00
Danièle Richard & Pierre-Louis Normand
refuge de la tour
Refuge du Lac

Refuge du Lac

Derborence -1480 m

The wild beauty of the land, popular beliefs related to natural disasters, the novel by C.-F. Ramuz, the reputation of a virgin forest with a lake at its feet, exceptional fauna and flora, an impressive access road or simply the need for a getaway into yet untouched nature make this valley a popular and spectacular hiking destination for a large public.

  • Food service

From Sion
A9 motorway exit, follow Conthey, then Derborence
Jean-Michel Cajeux
refuge du lac
Auberge du Godet

Auberge du Godet

Derborence - 1380 m

In a dream setting, the Nicollier-Cardoso family welcomes you to Godet / Derborence : a valley of natural wonders. The Auberge du Godet offers typical meals, local wines and simple yet pleasant accommodation, all in a convivial family atmosphere.

  • Rooms and dormitories, 35 places
  • Food service

Depuis Sion
From Sion A9 motorway exit, follow Conthey, then Derborence
Ana Nicollier +41(0)27/346.31.41
Gîte de Dorbon

Gîte de Dorbon

Derborence - 1956 m

Above the Lac de Derborence, Irène and Stéphane will be happy to welcome you to the Gîte de Dorbon, an alpine chalet in the heart of the wild Vallon de la Derbonne.

Keeper on site : from mid-June until late September.

  • Snacks
  • Dormitory of 20 beds

From Derborence, 1:30

Irène Collaud & Stéphane Gremaud