A hike offering breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc and revealing the multiple facets of the Six Armaille.


Duration 3:00
Distance 8.36 km
Period June-October
Difficulty Medium
Difference in height +664 m / -664 m
Min height 1939 m
Max height 2460 m
Starting point Jorasse chairlift
End point Jorasse chairlift

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Take the Ovronnaz-Jorasse chairlift to access the start od the Tour de Tsantonnaire. From Jorasse, head towards the mountain pasture of Petit Pré via a hillside trail overlooking the Ovronnaz resort. At Petit Pré, the trail climbs up steadily towards Grand Pré d’Euloi, a large meadow that turns into a lake when the snow starts to melt (June-beginning of July).

At Grand Pré, leave the main track which continues on to Fenestral and head north to bypass the plains. The trail goes up through an enchanting area called Vétreuses with its rich flora, small torrent and  firn until summer, before reaching Tsantonnaire (2500 m), the highest point of the tour and of the winter ski resort. There will you enjoy impressive views of the Mont Blanc and the Valais Alps.

The descent back to Jorasse follows the ski slope. The path is quite steep, between grass and rocks but not too long. From Pré de Bougnonne, take the alpine pasture road to Jorasse, where the tour ends. While offering exceptional landscapes and panoramas, the tour will have you circle the Six Armaille and discover all of the sides of this awe-inspiring summit.