This hike is designed for botany enthusiasts and lovers of superb panoramas.


Duration 3:10
Distance 8.33 km
Period June-October
Difficulty Medium
Difference in height +392 m / -951 m
Min height 1388 m
Max height 2182 m
Starting point Jorasse chairlift
End point Jorasse chairlift

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The Ovronnaz-Jorasse chairlift will allow you to access the start of the tour. Take the pathway leading to Petit Pré d’Euloi. A short 30-minute ascent through a forest of larches and thousands of multi-coloured flowers will take you to the Croix de la Seya, rising at 2182 m above sea level. From this vantage point, you will enjoy a bird-eye’s view of the Ovronnaz resort, along with a 360-degree vista from Finsteraarhorn to Mont Blanc. Thirty-five summits soaring above 4000 metres can be seen from there. Don’t forget to take your binoculars and camera!

Following the south-facing crest, look out for flowers in bloom, including pasque flowers, gentians, bellflowers, orchids, anemones, arnica and many others, without picking them. A species identification booklet is available for free at the tourist information office. The path continues on for about 2 km until you reach a pretty rock, well-secured by chains. Climb down the rock to find yourself 10 m lower on the path leading to Grand Garde (2145 m). If you suffer from vertigo, take the alternative route through the high mountain pasture of Quieu, at the junction of the two paths, not far from the rock. Follow the white and red signs in order to avoid Grand Garde.

At Grand Garde, enjoy a stunning panorama of the entire plain of the Rhône, from Loetschental to the Trient Glacier. Take it all in and let your eyes navigate from one summit to the next or simply follow the flow of the river below. Return to Ovronnaz on a well-marked trail, through the high mountain pastures of Quieu and Odonne, where you will  certainly cross paths with herds of cows before reaching the parking place of the chairlift, where the tour starts and ends.