Jorasse trail

This trail crosses idyllic places and allows the access to the snow-covered mountain even to the non-skiers.

Route: Ovronnaz – Centre Sportif – Alpage d’Odonne – Jorasse
Around 5 km, 540 m difference in altitude
Duration: Around 1:30
Equipment: Snowshoes or waterproof shoes, sticks
Remark: The trail tends to freeze.
It is situated on the skiing area.
It goes along a ski run on 800 m.
Even if it is forbidden, certain skiers follow this trail. Be careful !
Access: picto_teleskiOvronnaz-Jorasse (ascent or descent)
In Jorasse, the mountain restaurant is open every day.

The route crosses several avalanche corridors which must be beforehand secured and it takes time.
The conditions for the walkers can degrade in a short time and the preparation of the trail cannot be any time guaranteed.
Please inform you at the desk of the chairlift before risking you there.